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Small Luxury Hotels

Small Luxury Hotels of the World™ (SLH) matches independently minded guests with independently spirited hotels. The diverse collection of over 500 hotels in more than 80 countries around the world includes everything from cutting edge design hotels and city centre sanctuaries to historic country mansions and remote private islands – all SLH hotels are consistently different, however, they are all united by the fact that they offer the best locations, highest quality, personalised service and a truly authentic way to discover a destination.

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Swiss Deluxe Hotels

Swiss Deluxe Hotels – the most exclusive 5-star hotels in Switzerland – distinguish themselves through their service quality and their centuries-old tradition in the luxury hotel sector. The hotels are exclusive thanks to the quality they offer, the prestige they exude and the personal attention which characterises the outstanding services they provide.

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Utopian Hotel Collection

The Utopian Hotel Collection has been created to capture the new spirit of luxury. By combining exceptional service, alluring design, one-off authenticity and the verve of youth. Utopian guests share astonishing experiences and discussions about art, culture, and adventure, creating a diverse community of like-minded travellers to interact with. The Utopian Hotel Collection lives by five principles · The Story of Everything · Unexpected Adventure · People-to-People service · Seamlessly Integrated technology · Playful Character.

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Grand Tour of Switzerland

The Grand Tour of Switzerland is a journey of discovery that packs all the highlights of Switzerland into a road trip, where the journey is the reward. This tour takes you on a trip of 1,600 kilometres through the most beautiful regions of Switzerland and shows you how diverse, multifaceted and spectacular our country is. You travel through four language regions, across five Alpine passes, and along 22 lakes and
visit 12 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and two biospheres. The route around Gstaad from Zweisimmen via Schönried via Saanen and on to Pays-d’Enhaut is one of the highlights of the Grand Tour of Switzerland.

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Wellness Destination

The “Wellness Destination” quality seal, awarded by the Swiss Tourist Association, is presented to holiday destinations which offer a high-quality range of spa and wellness amenities. Gstaad was awarded the quality mark, thanks to the excellent quality of its spa and wellness amenities. In 2017, the Swiss Tourist Association has recertified Gstaad for the period 2018-2020.

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